**Both smaller & larger projects are welcomed & treated with equal enthusiasm!

While specializing in Interior Residential Paint Work, Kenneweg Painting provides complete Interior/Exterior & Residential/Commercial Painting Services including:

Decorative Paint Work, Textures & Faux Finishes working with your ideas, your designer's ideas or ours. Custom samples made for all projects.

Expert Sheet Rock & Plaster Repair - Water Damage Repair

Fine Custom Staining & Finishing of Woodwork & Cabinetry

Wallcovering Removal

Deck Maintenance - Cleaning, Stripping, Sealing, Staining, Restoration

Exterior House Washing & Roof Cleaning - Mildew Removal & Control Using our Hand Wash/Soft Wash System. No Abusive Power Or Pressure Washing!

**EPA Certified RRP contractor to perform Paint Work in/on homes built prior to 1978 where lead paint may be a concern.

Lead Paint Concerns

Lead may be a concern in any home built prior to 1978. Many construction projects and some painting prep work can disturb lead paint. A painting contractor MUST be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to work in homes built prior to 1978 if there is any possibility that any lead paint will be disturbed in the painting process. Kenneweg Painting is EPA RRP certified for lead and is equipped to handle such situations efficiently and without concern. Cliff Kenneweg also incorporates prep methods that minimize the disturbance of lead painted surfaces. Many times proper bonding primers can be used when adhesions is a concern, thus eliminating the need to sand or disturb any painted surfaces that could possibly contain lead, thereby eliminating the need for the additional work and expense necessary to follow EPA lead protocol. When avoiding disturbance is not possible in order to do a proper and thorough job, rest assured that Kenneweg Painting is EPA Certified and trained safely and efficiently prep & paint the interior or exterior of your pre-1978 home.

Lead RRP Frequent Questions

**We use only EPA compliant HEPA Vacuums for clean-up.

Smart Dust Control and Dust Collection Systems, Shroud, Vacuums, Dustless Tools and Full Unit Certified HEPA Vacuums.

**We use 100% Completely dust free EPA compliant sanding when/as necessary with state-of-the-art Festool Dust systems

Full Unit Hepa = Full Compliance for EPA RRP

What Do EPA RRP Instructors Think of Festool?

**We are very proud of relationships we have built over the years with many other tradespeople. We are always happy to recommend and refer with confidence, many other service professionals including remodelers, carpenters, carpet & flooring, electricians, wallcovering installations, etc.

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